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Camel - a Symbol of Sobriety A symbolic camel shaped candlestick was created by craftsmen of the social enterprise in honor of the 27th anniversary of the AA movement in the Republic of Belarus.
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Public Union Healthy Choice is an independent, non-governmental, non-profit voluntary association created in 2002 in response to the needs of vulnerable and disadvantaged children and young people who face neglect and abuse and are in risky situations: in dysfunctional families where parents abuse alcohol or in children's institutions.
The mission of Healthy Choice is to promote protection of the rights and interests of children, so that every child and young person had the opportunities and conditions for their intellectual, moral and physical development.
Now Healthy Choice is a sustainable organization that enjoys a good reputation among the partners, has a team of highly qualified staff, involves to the work local and international experts. Activities of the organization are aimed at improvement of the integration and inclusion of vulnerable children and young people by working with their families and experts in child protection throughout Belarus.
The key principle of our work is open communication with children and adults and building partnership relations of mutual responsibility.

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Workout Site Laid in Kadino During the opening of the site on the square in front of Kadino Secondary School, a large number of master classes, performances of athletes, culinary classes (on tasty and healthy food) were organized. All interested persons could work on sports equipment installed here.
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